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Offering ideas for remodeling and space utilization, while guiding you to make sound investments in furnishings, accessories and window treatments to reach your overall style and needs.
$75.00 per hour.

Transforming rooms in one day. Giving existing furniture, artwork, lighting and decorations a new perspective and optimal function.
Initial Consultations - $150.00
$300.00 - $450.00 per room with discounts for multiple rooms.

Providing a report detailing what to do to your home before selling. Staging key rooms for a great first impression during showings and providing an overall balance and scale.
Home Viewing-$150.00
Home Staging - $300.00-$450.00 per room with discounts for multiple rooms.

Helping choose paint, tile, granite, flooring, cabinetry etc. to tie a home together.
$75.00 per hour

Finding home décor, gifts, accessories and clothing.
$75.00 per hour

Highlighting your holidays with interior treatments to WOW guests. 
$75.00 per hour or project based


Creating more accessible and functional spaces in your home like your office, kitchen, closet or storage areas.  

$75 per hour

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